About Us

Sorensen Libya was developed as a joint venture between the Libyan Investment and Development Company (LIDCo.) and Sorensen Gross Construction Company (USA) in 2007. Sorensen Libya was formed to provide professional services in the assessment, design and construction of water conveyance systems and wastewater systems, including collection, sanitary sewers, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment plants.

The government registration contract number 327-2007 was assigned, following the Libyan Commerce Law 65-1970 and all the regulations pertaining to it. The license gives the company the right to perform General Contracting with the License Number 98092.

Sorensen Libya has capable management, administrators, and professional project managers who possess a high educational level in the field of engineering and construction, especially in infrastructure, water conveyance systems, concrete storage tanks, and water and wastewater treatment utilizing the latest advancements in technology.

The company has also engaged in contracts for administrative and engineering management of projects by others.

Sorensen Libya administered contractual agreements with several engineering consulting firms to provide any technical design assistance required. Since 2007, Sorensen Libya has gained a high level of experience within project worksites in Libya and understands the business environment and the customs and culture.

The company improves the talent of its employees by training in all aspects of technology and administration to allow them to work with the best in the field.

 The value of contracts in progress by Sorensen Libya has reached 113,000,000 Libyan Dinars.

 All projects are more than 50 percent complete with some parts ready for commissioning.



Our vision is to grow our company by growing our employees, giving them increasing levels of responsibility as managerial skill grows and their technical abllities increase. We are increasirq our capabilities and expanding the services we can offer.

Our vision is tied to a vision of a renewed Libya, equipped with quality, functional, and safe infrastructure, built to the highest construction standards, in a cost-conscious manner, built to endure and serve the people as they deserve.